Happy Halloween

What’s everyone doing for Halloween??
As you may know it already as a jackaroo I must stay on top of all the latest trends. For this Halloween I’m dressing up as “The Flash “,
Cause I’m a super baby hero. Nothing will stop me!
Me and my daddy will snatch all the raspberries and cookies from the mommy authority . My little sister Cat is dressing up as a “Angel” , we are real opposites she’s like the day and I’m like the night .
I make trouble and I blame her for it , but just seems like no one believes me yet..

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It’s hard being a baby

It’s hard being me , believe it or not , it’s hard being too cute.
I have to keep track of all my girls.
I’m the number one target of “upside down baby” cause my little sister Cat is too small.
My mommy doesn’t let me explore ,she puts locks on every cool place, specially the toilet.
My daddy chases me around the house when I borrow his wallet and keys, I’m just looking for my baby AMEX card

From True sibling love, posted by Cynthia Cavanagh on 10/01/2010 (6 items)

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Yeah me and my sister are all that

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